Terms and Conditions

I/We agree to pay 45p per mile if Katie Bishop drives our children as per government guidelines 

I/We understand that prices are subject to change and we will be informed of any changes before we book

Minimum Booking
I/We understand that there is a minimum booking of 3 hours

Start and End Time
I/We understand that I/we must provide a start and end time and pay for the complete booking even if we arrive home early

Arriving Home Late
I/We understand that a charge of the hourly rate is payable for every 30 minutes which exceeds the agreed end time

Cancellation Fee
I/We understand that there is a cancellation fee of a 3 hour booking if cancelled within 48 hours of the start time of the booking

Late Payment
I/We understand that we must pay Katie Bishop the exact payment within 48 hours of receiving an invoice failure to do so may result in a late fee of £10 per 24 Hours