Proxy Parenting. What is it?

Proxy parenting is one of the main services I provide to parents, however many people have never even heard of it or knew it was an option. This is a short explanation of what proxy parenting is and why families choose proxy parenting.


What is Proxy Parenting?


The Oxford dictionary defines “Proxy” as “A person authorised to act on behalf of another”, therefore the term Proxy Parenting is a nanny that is authorised to act on behalf of the parent.

In short, Proxy parenting is when the parents are away from home and need somebody to take over the role of “parent” for a short period of time, be it a weekend or 2 weeks. This means a nanny steps in and provides care 24 hours a day. The nanny will take over all parental duties, preparing meals, providing developmentally appropriate activities, the school run etc

Who is proxy parenting for?


There are many reasons why parents may choose a nanny to proxy parents some examples include

  • Away for a business trip

  • Live far away from close family and relatives

  • Family or friends may not be capable of taking care of the children for long periods of time due to age or illness.

  • Parents want a weekend break or holiday

  • Single Parents

  • Working on location

  • Parents live in a different country

Therefore, proxy parenting is for anyone who wants someone they can trust to be responsible for their child whilst they are not there.


Recently I took care of two children whilst their mother was away, I asked Abi to explain why she chose proxy parenting.


“Proxy parenting. So this wasn’t a term that I had come across before. I needed a nanny who was able to look after my girls for 48 hours. I had work commitments a considerable distance away. Katie was able to step in, doing all the normal nanny duties whilst also staying at night. The girls’ routines remained the same, they were able to attend their after-school clubs as normal and I had peace of mind that everything else was taken care of.”


How can I book a nanny for proxy parenting?

If you are interested in booking me for proxy parenting it is possible, and recommended, to book more than 2 months in advance. To find out more information or to book please use the contact form to get in touch!

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