Letter From Santa

It’s starting to be that time of year again, whether is Christmas eve boxes or elf on the shelf, many parents are wanting to go the extra mile to make their children’s Christmas extra magical. A classic way to keep the magic alive is a letter from santa! Fourteen years ago a husband and wife team took that idea and ran with it creating the Lapland Mailroom, where parents can create personalised letters from Father Christmas for their little ones!

I decided I would create a letter for my good friends son, Rudy, who is a huge part of my life and I’m sure will be so excited to receive a letter from the REAL Father Christmas!

Products they offer include three types of personalised letter, a Baby’s First Christmas letter and a Christmas Activity pack that you can add on to your child’s letter.

The three types of letter vary slightly, so you can choose which letter you think your child would like the most or make sure that if you use the service for consecutive years the letter will not be a carbon copy as the year before!

The process to chose the letter was really simple, you are able to preview each letter. The only problem for me was the text was too small, they solved this problem by using a “magnifying glass” however it would have been easier just to be able to read the letter more clearly. The magnifying glass did fit in with the Christmassy theme and you really do feel like you are in Santa’s study helping him write the letter.

Creating the personalisation was super easy! You are asked a few simple questions about your child, such as their age, what they would like for Christmas and what they left out last year for Father Christmas and his reindeer. With a little help from Rudy’s Mummy, I was able to create a really magical, personal letter. I cannot wait to see Rudy’s face when he gets this letter in the post in a few weeks time!!

All in all I highly recommend this website to any parents, grandparents or nannies who want to make the build up to Christmas that extra bit special. The process of creating the personalised letter from Father Christmas was really simple and easy and can be done in a matter of minutes!

I will keep you all updated on Rudy’s verdict when the letter arrives!!

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