What’s the top three benefits (and negatives) of hiring a self employed nanny?

Many parents are surprised when I tell them that I am a self-employed nanny, “I didn’t know that existed” is usually their initial reaction. This is because it’s unusual for a Nanny to meet the requirements of becoming self-employed. To find out what they are feel free to check out this article on The Nanny Lounge website.


I’m here to tell you the top three benefits (and negatives) of hiring a self-employed nanny.


1 – Flexibility

One of the main reasons parents choose a self-employed nanny is because they can be totally flexible. You do not have to provide permanent set hours and only pay for the childcare you book. The downside to this, is that unless you book the nanny, they may not always have availability as self employed nannies work for multiple families.


2 – Less Hassle

You don’t need to worry about being an employer, no dealing with HMRC or payroll services, no additional tax or pension contributions. All you have to do, is pay the nanny for their services. The only downside of this is that the Nanny decides how much her rate is, however, when you count in the additional costs of being an employer it usually works out evenly.


3 – No Employers Responsibilities

When you employ a nanny you are responsible in following employment laws, for example sick pay, holiday pay and maternity leave. When you hire a self employed nanny you do not have to cover any of these costs. However, a self employed nanny will be able to decide when she takes holiday without consulting you.


There are many more positives to hiring a self employed nanny, these are the main three. I hope that you are able to make an informed decision on what type of nanny works for your family. To find out more about the services I offer as a self employed nanny click here!

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